5 Oceanfront Instagram Spots in Virginia Beach

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Virginia Beach is a popular spot for spring break and summer vacations. And while all the college students and families are here, they’re spending their time swimming and sunbathing on the beach—and documenting every day of their vacation on Instagram of course.

Whether you’re taking pictures of your toes in the sand or of cool figures on the beach, here are five of the best oceanfront places to take pictures in Virginia Beach that are totally Instagram-worthy.

1. King Neptune Statue

Perhaps one of the most unique, and enormous, figures in all of Virginia Beach, this 34-foot tall bronze statue of the sea god is the entryway to Neptune Park and guardian of the sea. Surrounded by sea creatures, the King Neptune statue is one nearly every single tourist and beachgoer has to snap a picture of or with, and has been since it was dedicated to the city of Virginia Beach in the fall of 2005.

2. Sandbridge Beach

For a serene beach experience, head about 15 miles south of the resort area in Virginia Beach to Sandbridge Beach. Whether you’re kayaking, fishing, hiking or enjoying a beautiful sunrise or sunset, this beach is a stunning must-visit spot and guaranteed to garner you tons of Instagram likes.

3. Virginia Beach Boardwalk

If you’re down for crowds and strolling or rollerblading with strangers, then the Virginia Beach Boardwalk is calling your name. Stretching three miles, you get an up close view of the coastline, without getting covered in sand, as well as a chance to dine at delectable restaurants, spend your money with friendly boardwalk vendors and experience the entertaining nightlife during Virginia Beach’s summer months. Snap a selfie of yourself eating the local cuisine or take a video of yourself biking down the boardwalk (just make sure to keep at least one hand steering and go at a slow pace so you don’t crash into anyone or anything). 

4. Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel

The Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel isn’t just a convenient way to travel; it’s a major tourist attraction. And it doesn’t matter how you’re taking in the views, be it driving, walking or standing at the scenic overlook, you’ll see amazing views of the Atlantic Ocean and Chesapeake Bay. Be sure to keep your eyes and camera ready, as water isn’t the only thing you’ll see. Numerous boats, birds and seafaring animals pass through this area daily as well.

5. Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge

Virginia Beach isn’t all surfing, swimming, playing sand volleyball and heating up the night with musical entertainment. It’s also a place that supports the feeding of and providing habitats for birds. At Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge, you get a two-for-one deal—pictures of beautiful birds, from ducks to swans, geese, bald eagles and more, with the ocean as the background. There’s also eight miles worth of scenic trails you can set out on during your visit to Back Bay.

In between your personal photo shoots, make sure to stay somewhere that’s both picturesque and comfortable, like the Holiday Inn located at North Beach.

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