The Most Efficient Way to Travel the World Cheaply

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By: Sarah

Unlike what you may have heard, it is possible to travel the world cheaply. Over the last 12 months, I flew all over the globe and lived in a different country each month. My average flight price was $200, thanks to using the best app for cheap flights; Skyscanner. Their fantastic flight search technology always pulls up the best prices. In addition to Skyscanner, I have a few other insider tips for spending the least amount of money possible when traveling the world.

These are my strategies on traveling the world for cheap. Let’s begin!

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1. When to buy

Based on studies done by Frommers, travel agencies, airlines, and booking companies here are the facts on how to get the lowest price on airfare. Using these tips ticket buyers saved an average of $300 on International fares and $110 on Domestic fares. 

  • Book 57 days before travel for least expensive DOMESTIC tickets.

  • Book 171 days before travel for least expensive INTERNATIONAL tickets.

  • Those who booked their flight on a Sunday saved an average of 19% on ticket fares.

  • The cheapest days to fly are Saturdays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays.

2. How to buy

There are tons of flight search engines out there, but many aren’t that great and some can even tack on extra fees (for example, MyHoliday is terrible and charged a $25 booking fee per ticket without my consent!). In my experience traveling the world, I’ve found that the best app for cheap flights is Skyscanner. They consistently had the lowest prices over other flight search engines and apps.

With their easy to use app, I can book when I’m on the go or in a tight situation. For example, once I was boarding a flight from Peru to Spain and the TSA agent informed me that I could not board the plane unless I had a flight out of the European Union (long story short if you are not a EU citizen you need proof that you have a flight out of the area before getting on a plane got to the EU).  Since I had to show him the flight confirmation right then, I quickly pulled out my phone, opened my Skyscanner app, selected the Spain to “Everywhere” option, and bought the cheapest flight that was out of the EU on the spot.

Photo caption: Flights I booked using Skyscanner on my trip around the world.

Photo caption: Flights I booked using Skyscanner on my trip around the world.

3. To find the cheapest flight select the “everywhere” option

This a fun way to gain inspiration on the cheapest flight deals around the world from your home airport. Through the Skyscanner app, the “everywhere” option shows you the cheapest flights on a date you select within your price range. It is very addicting to use and has helped me add new stamps to my passport (like Ireland!)

everywhere search.PNG

4. Get a Travel points credit card

If you already have a credit card but aren’t getting travel points or rewards with the money you’re spending on it then you’re quite literally wasting money! I recommend getting the Chase Sapphire preferred card because upon sign up you get $500 towards a flight. That is a free international flight! Also, for every dollar you spending on travel, entertainment, or restaurants you get double points towards airfare. Using this method, I got a free flights to Texas, Hawaii, Spain, and many more places.

5. Set Price Alerts to Buy When the Price is Lowest


If you have a specific area in mind that you’ve been dreaming of visiting but want to wait until the ticket price is lowest (duh, why wouldn’t you?) then use the price alert option on the Skyscanner app. This monitors flight fluctuations anytime they change in the app. While planning my flight route for my year abroad I used this option to book all of my flights. Using historical data and price tracking technology, price alerts will message you when the price drops or notify you when the price is beginning to rise. This is helpful because it will eliminate uncertainty on when to buy a flight. Using this strategy, I’ve saved hundreds of dollars are international flights.


This one seems simple but it is a mistake that people make far too often. Airlines love to tack on extra charges for oversized baggage. To make matters worse, as you approach the gate the price of the checked bag increases. What only cost $25 to check online yesterday is now $125 at the gate. To avoid this, check the baggage policy for the airline carefully and have a luggage scale.

7. Bring An Empty Water Bottle to the Airport with You

This may not save $100’s but it does save some money. Water at airports is normally around $3- $5. Instead of paying for this, bring an empty water bottle through security with you and fill it up at the water fountain. This is also a great way to stay hydrated and reduce your chances of jet lag. For more tips on reducing jet lag read my article here.

8. Download the Skyscanner App to Make Your Travel Planning Easier

Skyscanner is the best app for cheap flights. Let’s be honest. We live in a world that is constantly on the go. I’ve found it easiest to search for the flights I’m interested in right through the Skyscanner app and then set a price alert to track when to buy. It’s so easy and has saved me hundreds. Also, it is a very mobile friendly app that made booking hassle free. If you plan on traveling soon, I recommend downloading it before you book your flight so you can set price alerts to guarantee you get the lowest price. Overall their app is exceptional, and can be used easily even by the most inexperienced traveler or techie.


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