Six Epic Cyber Monday Travel Deals

By: Sarah

Cyber Monday is one of the best times to book that trip that you've been dreaming about, pick up new travel gear, or simply get prepared for your next vacation. Below are my top picks for the best Cyber Monday travel deals available today.


1. 50% My Course "Travel the World & Make Money Doing It" using code NOIR

Cyber Monday is officially the last day that you can get my course for the super low price of $39. It will not be this low again! If you've been dreaming about traveling the world, this class will teach you how to do it for the lowest cost possible, and how to make money along the way. Click here to get the offer. 

2. Get 15% off all Sourced Adventures Local Trips


Sourced Adventures offers incredible outdoor trips and tours throughout New York, Washington DC, Chicago and Boston. We did a white water rafting trip with them and it was epic! Today save 15% on all of their tours using code CYBERMONDAY. 

3. 15% off all Intrepid Tours Worldwide


Intrepid Travel organizes some of the coolest trips and experiences all over the world. This year, they are hosting a massive cyber sale in North America with 15% off ALL trips. If you book a trip now through November 30th for dates between Feb 1st and September 30th 2018, the special offer applies. To get this offer, click here. 

4. Up to 60% travel clothing with Betabrand plus an additional 20% with code INTERWEBS


Betabrand has a high-quality line of travel and in-flight clothing that make it easier to travel the world and look fabulous. My absolute favorite item is their Knockout Travel Hoodie (pictured above). It has a fur lined neck pillow and eye cover built into to the comfy stretch knit jersey fabric. The travel line also has an 8-oz dress, clothing that doesn't wrinkle, and ton's of clothing that is custom made items for travelers. To see their whole line, click here.

5. Try the World Monthly Box Subscription - 3 Boxes For $39

Try the World is a box subscription that features a different countries gourmet delicacies each month. I gave this to my boyfriend as a gift for his birthday a few years ago and it was exciting getting a surprise country each month. Normally the boxes are $39 per month so this is a deal that is too good to miss! Especially with Christmas coming up! Click here to get the offer. 

6. Epic deals on Amazon for Travel Essentials

Vichy copy.jpg

I've created an Amazon store filled with all of my top travel essentials that I've found useful while traveling the world. Cyber Monday is a great time to buy necessary travel items because they are the cheapest then! To visit my Amazon store, click here. 

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