Pumpkin Carving with Villafane Studios

Seriously, Ray Villafane is amazing at pumpkin carving! As a 15 year veteran, he has made quite a name for himself. Ray has won the Food Networks Challenge show, Outrageous Pumpkins two times in addition to appearing on Martha Stewart, CBS Evening News with Katie Couric, Halloween Wars on Food Network, The Travel Channel and much more.

We met in Grand Central to discuss his passion and some tips to provide to amateur pumpkin carvers like myself! Villafane Studios was in Grand Central to promote the soon to be created masterpiece that will be on display at the New York Botanical Gardens in the Bronx for their Haunted Pumpkin Garden display that runs through the holiday. This year the display will feature a zombie escaping from a massive pumpkin! And this pumpkin will be HUGE, several hundred pounds! Be sure to check out the display before it rots! Oh and P.S. Ray mentioned that one of the tips to keeping a pumpkin fresh for a long time is to pickle it. Who knew!?


Of course no SarahFunky video is complete without a little challenge, and we pushed Ray to the new challenge he has done before (and that is saying something because he broke the world record for the world's largest pumpkin carving!). We asked Ray to carve a pumpkin in under a minute. What happened? Well, watch below and see for yourself!


Believe it or not but that big pumpkin is real! It was about 4 feet wide!

Believe it or not but that big pumpkin is real! It was about 4 feet wide!