Princess Transformation

With BabyFoot

For a moment, I thought I was going to rip the sleeve off this one-of-a-kind designer dress. The camera crew, make-up artist, personal stylist, and a select handful of my friends were waiting outside the dressing room with bated breath as I slowly inched the Barbie doll sleeves onto my arms. After what felt like a lifetime, I managed to slide them all the way up, realizing immediately that I could not move my arms above shoulder height to reach the zipper! Is this what it’s like to be a princess?

If there is one thing I can tell you, it’s enter every contest you come across. That’s how I won the Cinderella Princess Transformation by Baby Foot. How can you get experiences just like this? It’s simple, never second–guess yourself, and just enter the contest. Remember tons of people think it’s not possible to win either, and that’s why they don’t enter. But you will, and you will win.

My Cinderella story started on an average summer day. My boss ventured into crazy Time Square to get lunch, and noticed there was a majestic Cinderella princess display across the street, and promptly reported back to me. This wasn’t surprising, as we are used to seeing anything and everything happen in Times Square. However, what we don’t see every day is a handsome Prince in real life. Said “prince” was slipping a glass slipper on the lovely ladies sitting in a throne. Photo opp!

Long story short, I got my photo-opp with Prince Charming, entered the BabyFoot contest via a standard entry form, and was back to what I thought was my average life.

Three weeks later I received a phone call informing me that I won the contest! I was going to be transformed into Cinderella and spend the evening with Prince Charming himself! “Wow this is unreal!” I thought. “It must be a scam. This type of stuff doesn’t happen to normal people.” Oh but apparently it can!

As I walked into work that Monday, I had a skip to my step because I knew it wasn’t the standard Monday; it was my princess transformation Monday. The camera crew arrived at 11:30am to film me leave work, get into the car driving me to a regal hotel.  After we arrived, my friends were treated like fellow princesses, receiving manicures as my transformation started.

Who was Prince Charming? They wouldn’t tell me. Was he a jaw-dropping handsome model? Actor? Celebrity?! Was it Brad Pitt? Or was I getting ahead of myself thinking that could happen? Luckily my boyfriend Luis didn’t have a problem giving me up to Prince Charming for a dinner date. He didn’t care, he had been on Fire Island for the last two days!”

Dressed like royalty, I stepped out of the hotel and walked towards the stretch limo that held Prince Charming. The camera crew was crowded around along with my various “handlers” for the day as well as my friends and an alarming amount of bystanders started oogling – clearly wondering what this fabulous commercial was that they were filming and WHO could be the star!? Me guys. It was me. You can all go home now.

Suddenly, a hand emerged from the tinted window holding a single rose. Who could it be?! I nearly almost turned around and ran.

“OMG. I recognized the hand.” I was SHOCKED. Luis was supposed to be in Fire Island! I dropped him off two days ago, how is he here?

I was so excited to go on a date with my perfect Prince Charming. Baby Foot treated us as royalty; we went to a romantic candle-lit dinner at romantic restaurant and took fairy tail like photos in front of the Brooklyn Bridge.

The day was an absolute dream that we will remember forever. I truly felt like Cinderella with a fairy godmother watching over me.

Thank you Baby Foot!