What to Wear in NYC by Month | Packing Guide for each Season

By: Sarah

Traveling to New York soon and unsure what to pack? Don’t worry! This is your one stop guide to what to wear in New York City each month and season. Watch my video below to see the clothing recommendations for men and women and a packing list customized for the time of year. Overall, remember to bring comfortable walking shoes (please no running shoes - that’s how we can tell you’re a tourist)!

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December through January

Average Temperatures: 44 to 27°F / 6 to -2°C

Weather conditions: Very dry (bring extra moisturizer for your skin)

Clothing: Having a very warm winter jacket is essential. I recommend a heavy down jacket like the one from Triple F.A.T. Goose. They have great winter coats for men and women. Underneath wear a long sleeve shirt or sweater with long pants and high boots. It can snow this time of year so if your boots are waterproof that is ideal! Triple F.A.T. Goose coats are water proof in addition to being warm. I highly recommend it!

Packing List:

Notes: January is the coldest month, but also when the least amount of tourists visit so everything is cheaper. December is very crowded and expensive because everyone comes for the holiday season.

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Average Temperatures: 50 to 35°F/ 10 to 1°C

Clothing: It isn’t necessary to have a heavy down jacket in March so I recommend a lighter jacket. Layering is still important. Wear long sleeves or a sweater with long pants and boots.

Packing List:

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Average Temperatures: 62 to 45°F/ 16 to 7°C

Weather Conditions: Rain is common

Clothing: The saying goes “April showers bring May flowers”! Expect rain frequently in April. I recommend bringing an umbrella or rain jacket and wearing a sweater or long sleeve shirt with long pants and waterproof boots. Rain boots are not essential. New Yorkers will really only wear them when it is raining, other than that it is difficult to walk around a lot in between rain showers.

Packing List:


Average temperatures: 72 to 54°F/ 22 to 12°C

Weather conditions: Rain is common.

Clothing: May is all about layering because during the day you likely can wear a t-shirt but at night it can get chilly. It is good to bring a light jacket with you. I prefer a jean jacket.

Packing List:

Notes: May is when all of the flowers bloom. It is a great time to explore Central Park or go to the NY Botanical Gardens.



Average Temperatures: 80 to 64°F/ 27 to 18°C

Weather conditions: Humid

Clothing: In June you can wear short sleeves, shorts, or a tank top. However, I recommend always having a light jacket for the evening if you are the type of person that get’s cold easily (like me). I wear pants and a short sleeve shirt or a dress most days.

Packing list:

  • Short sleeves

  • Light jacket for the evening

  • Pants

  • Shorts

  • Sneakers or sandals


July to August

Average Temperatures: 85 to 68°F/ 30 to 20°C

Weather conditions: Very humid

Clothing: The humidity during July and August is so thick that it feels like you could cut it with a knife. Therefore, I recommend just wearing very light clothing. No need to bring a jacket for the evenings.

Packing List:

  • Short sleeve shirts/tank tops

  • Shorts

  • Sunscreen

  • Sandals

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Average Temperatures: 76 to 61°F/ 24 to 16°C

Weather conditions: Breezy, comfortable - My favorite time of year!

Clothing: September is the best weather in my opinion because it isn’t humid and the temperature is comfortable. I normally wear long pants, a short sleeve shirt, and have a jacket for the evenings.

Packing List:

  • Light jacket for the evening

  • Pants

  • Shorts

  • Sneakers or sandals



Average Temperatures: 65 to 50°F/ 18 to 10°C

Clothing: October is great for layering and showing off those beautiful jewel toned clothing for autumn. I recommend bringing long pants, a sweater or long sleeves, and a moderately warm jacket for the evenings.

Packing List:



Average Temperatures: 54 to 42°F/ 12 to 5°C

Clothing: November requires layer as well but I recommend a leather jacket or pea coat. Wear a sweater, long sleeve shirt, or pants.

Packing List:

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