The ultimate 3 day NYC itinerary with a downloadable PDF!

By: Sarah

There is so much to do in NYC that it can be overwhelming planning a trip. As a New Yorker and travel expert, I’ve put together a 3 day guide on what you can’t miss if you’re visiting the city for a short period of time. Watch the video and download the itinerary below to make your trip to NYC your best trip yet!

This guide will break down each of the 3 days by morning, midday, afternoon, and evening. I do recommend spending at least a week in New York because there is so much to do here. However, if you are short on time this guide will help you make the most of your trip.

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NYC is an expensive city, so I recommend you budget $300 to $500 per person, per day for dining, attractions, transportation, and experiences. This also includes lodging costs for $120 per night factored in, which is what the average cost per night of a good Airbnb. That is my recommended lodging of choice. If you have never used Airbnb, you can use my link to save $40 on your first stay.

Since three days is not a lot of time in the city, I recommend using Lyft to make the most of your time here. Lyft is a the largest growing ride share company in the US. They make it easy to call a car to wherever you are located and make your trip to the city much more comfortable - because let’s be real, our subway system isn’t the most glamorous experience! Use my code FUNK66734 to save $5 on your first Lyft ride.


Interactive map

Below is a map of the spots by day. Day 1 is blue, day 2 is yellow, and day 3 is red. Use this a long side the itinerary to make it easier to explore the city. If you cannot see the map below, you can access it via this link on your phone.

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