Creating An Essential Oil Body Scrub From Scratch

By: Danielle Desir

There are all sorts of beauty products in the market. Some help but most don’t live up to our expectations. What if I told you that you can use natural beauty products as an alternative. Would you give it a try?

At CraftJam’s “Learn About Essential Oils And Create Your Own Body Scrubs” class, my mom and I did just that.

This two-hour workshop is a great introduction to essential oils. Despite having no experience, we learned so much about the health benefits. We also learned how to add natural beauty products to our skincare routine.

Did you know that lavender has antibacterial and antifungal properties? Or that you can rub peppermint oil on your temples to help with headaches and migraines? Me neither!

Our instructor, JamMaster Lauren started our class by asking us to set intentions for this workshop. I wanted to learn how to take better care of my skin. My mom wanted to relax and enjoy the experience.

As we learned more about essential oils, JamMaster Lauren encouraged us to pick our favorites scents. I loved the smell of lavender, lemon, and orange. Lavender reminded me of yoga.

At our workbench, there was also an outline detailing common essential oils and their benefits. I plan to reference this helpful guide in the future.

Next, it was time to make our scrubs.

We only needed three ingredients: sugar, drops of essential oil (you can pick two essential oils) and carrier oil. That’s it!

The scrubs were easy to make. How easy? So easy that I’m confident that I can make them at home! Actually, that was the point of the class. After this class, you'll have the know-how to make your own natural body scrubs.

JamMaster Lauren’s class was special.

Not only does she have terrific taste in music but she has a vibrant personality. She is passionate about natural beauty care and she knows her stuff! Best of all, her class was an open book. No question was too silly to ask.

Before heading home, JamMaster Lauren kindly shared her email address with the group. She offered to answer any of our questions.

That weekend, I exfoliated my face with my “morning” essential oil scrub, made with sweet citrus and lemongrass. It left my skin smooth and silky. I had a natural glow for days!

CraftJam offers a wide variety of DIY classes from body scrubs to creating your own leather clutch. The "Learn About Essential Oils And Create Your Own Body Scrubs" is $50 per person and runs about 2 times a month. To see the other classes they offer visit

We were invited guests to this class, however, the opinions are our own.