Eight of the Best Specialty Restaurants in NYC Compete for Victory

By: Sarah

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New York City is often referred to as the world's "melting pot," a phrase that's perhaps best reflected by the city's vast diversity of food. There are 195 countries in the world and in New York you can find a restaurant that specializes in cuisine from each one. You may not believe it but there is even a North Korean restaurant in NYC (Yang Ji Chon) - a prime example of the immense variety of flavors your taste buds can experience in this urban mixing bowl.

I’ve lived in New York for ten years and consider myself a true New Yorker - I’ve danced in the streets until dawn, sang with Bon Jovi on a subway platform - a feat that can only happen at 2am on the L train - and even had a tearful meltdown in public. I know this city sometimes better than I know myself.

Yet, how well do I know it’s variety of dining options? It has frequently been overwhelming choosing which restaurant to eat at when going out with friends because there are TOO MANY options. Enter Chooszing - the answer to my tummy’s grumbling indecision.

Chooszing is an app that makes it fun and easy to create brackets on anything and everything. Since I was not excited about having the typical Thursday night discussion about which type of food to get, I downloaded Chooszing on my phone and created a bracket to help guide our stomachs in the right direction.

I choose eight types of cuisine that my friends and I enjoy, then selected Zagat rated restaurants that correlated with them. My friends downloaded the app on their phones and created their account - it took two minutes. Soon enough we were off! Within three hours the votes would be in and we would be eating a scrumptious meal.  

First Bracket:

Nobu Fifty Seven (Japanese) vs. Wu Liang Ye (Chinese)

Wu Liang Ye - Zagat says “One of the best Chinese restaurants north of C-town”, this outfit just off Rockefeller Center is known for “lip-tingling”, “real-deal” Sichuan cooking (“bring tissues to deal with your runny nose”); “bargain prices” outweigh the “glum” decor and “indifferent” service. Average Zagat rating - 3.73 (Worth noting that the food rating is 4.5 and avg rating was lowered because of decor rating) - wuliangyenyc.com

Nobu Fifty Seven - Zagat says “This “over-the-top” Midtown branch of Nobu Matsuhisa’s Japanese-Peruvian powerhouse continues to draw a “happening” crowd with “knowledgeable” servers providing “standout” specialties in an “expansive” upstairs dining space; the scene is “loud” but “alluring”, especially “if you can find someone to treat you.” Average Zagat rating - 4.46 - noburestaurants.com

Second Bracket:

Madiba (South African) vs. Meme Mediterranean (Moroccan)

Madiba - Zagat says “The “down-home” South African dishes are “strangely addicting” at this pioneering Fort Greene “original”, where “friendly” folks bring on the “hearty” traditional meals; “fun” digs with plenty of “relaxed” personality help keep “everyone very happy.” Average Zagat rating - 4.03 - madibarestaurant.com

Meme Mediterranean - Zagat says “It’s “great to go with folks and share” to these “affordable” “neighborhood” Mediterraneans dispensing “wonderful” small plates and entrees with “Moroccan flair”; “friendly” service and an appealing “bohemian” vibe will “keep you returning”, unless the “tight-packed tables” make you feel like you're “flying coach.” Average Zagat rating - 4.16 - memeonhudson.com

Third Bracket

Maialino (Italian) vs. La Vara (Spanish

Maialino - Zagat says ““Danny Meyer does things right, as usual” at this “love song to Rome” overlooking Gramercy Park, where “sublime” farm-to-table Italian fare and “stellar wines” come in “delightful”, “buzzing” digs via a “welcoming” pro staff; scoring a reservation can be “challenging” (though the “bustling” front bar welcomes “drop-ins”), and while prices run “high”, at least “the tip is included.” Average Zagat rating - 4.66 - maialinonyc.com

La Vara - Zagat says ““Quality and originality” merge at this Cobble Hill Spanish “delight”, which “hits new heights” with “exceptional” tapas that highlight Moorish and Jewish influences; the “passionate staff” maintains a “warm, casual vibe”, so it’s “no wonder” the “tight quarters” are typically “packed.” Average Zagat rating - 4.33 - lavarany.com 

Fourth Bracket

Los Tacos No. 1 (Mexican) vs. Llama Inn (Peruvian)

Los Tacos No. 1 - Zagat says "“Outrageously good” tacos made with “super-fresh” fillings headline the short, “top-notch” Mexican menu at this Chelsea Market stall (“just look for the long line”); there’s “zero seating”, but food is delicious, “cheap” and are “worth standing for.” Average Zagat Rating - 3.86 (worth noting their food rating is 4.7 and avg rating was lowered because of decor) - lostacos1.com 

Llama Inn - Zagat says ““Big, bold” flavors come across in the “devilishly creative” Peruvian dishes at this Williamsburg hot spot where the mix of “inventive” pisco cocktails and an “in-the-know” crowd makes for a “great bar scene”; the “cool” airy space has lots of counter seating (plus some tables), and there’s also a rooftop for drinks and snacks.” Average Zagat Rating - 4.26 - llamainnnyc.com

After an intense three hours of voting the decision was made - Los Tacos No. 1 was the winner with Nobu following closely in its footsteps at number two. Now I suppose we’ll simply have to go to Nobu another night!


Download Chooszing on your iOS or Android device and follow me, "SarahFunky", for a chance to win a $30 Airbnb Giftcard! 

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