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Dragon Thrones

Dragon Thrones is an immersive medieval fantasy weekend experience by The Game Theatre. "Game Theatre" is a new form of experiential interaction melding live action role-play (larp), board game (tabletop gaming), and interactive theater all together to create fascinating social and strategic adventures for everyone (no experience required).

We've crafted a new universe where rival Kingdoms are waging war over magical Dragon Thrones. Each throne is imbued with the power of an ancient Elder-Dragon, god-like beings who once ruled the realm of Cambria with their own race of dragon-human hybrids, the Draconians, while humanity remained their lowly subjects. However, following a momentous revolution, human armies vanquished the Draconians and inherited the vast powers infused within each Dragon Throne. 

Join us this July to become an influential and powerful figure for a fully inclusive weekend at one of the very few Castle Campuses in the Western Hemisphere. 

An All Inclusive Weekend

Our weekend packages are all-inclusive. All you have to do is join us at Castle Bryn Mawr!

3 Days, 2 Nights at Castle Bryn Mawr
Special feature: majority of rooms are private (single occupancy), with no upgrade fee
5 full meals, plus dine like nobility in the renowned Thomas Hall (campus food is rated in Top 10 in the county by campus reviews)
A customized character with unique personal, team, and global objectives, will be cast just for you!
Responsibilities within the global tactical and diplomatic MegaGame
The ability to make an impact on the realm through your own actions
A costume item that represents your Kingdom/Clan Team
Access into all interactive features and installations
Admission with your chosen group into the "Draconian Ancient Mage's Lair": the first ever designed Player v. Environment Escape Room
Access to all side quests taking place throughout the stone structures and picturesque grounds of the campus
Enjoy entertainment throughout the entire weekend, including: live music, dancing and other performance arts
Specialized training classes, including war strategy, diplomacy, dancing and more
Access to after hours events, including "Night Missions", the gold coin casino and Draconian Ball
A seat at the Grand Tourney, cheer your Kingdom's live-action fighting hero to victory!
As your customized character YOU will strive to achieve your various personal, team, and global objectives over an amazing weekend adventure!

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