witness nyc in a way you never have before

I’ve seen kayakers on the Hudson River for years; mainly while I was sipping a cocktail on the North River Lobster Boat. I always told myself someday you’re going to try that, Sarah! Well, that day finally came. It was a bright Summer day and I was in need of a break from the concrete jungle so I headed to Manhattan Kayak and booked a trip.

Manhattan Kayak is located at the Pier 84 boathouse off of 44th street and 11th avenue. Instantly upon walking into their “office space” I felt as if I journeyed outside of New York. The boathouse has a surfer vibe with beautiful photos of the sea and maps of the area on the walls. It felt like I was on vacation! Check out their virtual tour here.

We met our guide for the day, a fun loving stand up paddleboarder (SUP) and kayaker who recently did SUP from NYC to Florida! Now that is impressive!

After selecting our kayaks, she gave us tips on entering the current filled water of the Hudson River from a dock. I kayak about 5 times a year and have never experienced entering a kayak the way we had to from a dock. Normally when you kayak you can walk into the water with your boat, that is not the case here. It was fascinating watching Luis get into his kayak with the Intrepid, a massive aircraft carrier and National Historic Landmark, only 100 feet away.

Next it was my turn to get into my kayak. I was internally preparing myself to fall in the water, however, it was much easier than I expected! It simply looked challenging. The water was slightly wavy and the current was noticeable but the most impressive part was the views of New York from a sea kayak. There is simply nothing else like it.  

The sea sparkled from the sunlight and the buildings seemed to rise directly out of the sea. The views were monumental and exclusive only to those at sea level. You won’t experience sites like this on a party boat.

Once we were both in the water the tour began. We paddled behind the Intrepid and along the shoreline. Our guide told us that the currents were particularly intense that day because it was a new moon and a tropical storm was coming in a few days despite the beautiful sunny day we were having. According to our guide, some days there is no current at all. It depends on various factors when you’re sea kayaking.  

As we rowed along, our guide told us about the sensational sites we were seeing. She also mentioned that Manhattan Kayak offers tons of unique tours such as Statue of Liberty by SUP, La Marina brunch by Kayak, Secret beach by SUP, New York after Dark and much more. One that stood out to me as a sushi lover was their sushi tour in which kayakers quest across the river to a sushi spot in New Jersey, have a meal, then kayak back. What a one-of-a-kind experience!

To book a trip visit ManhattanKayak.com. The tour we did was the Sunset Paddle by Kayak. It is 1 hour long and costs $40. Manhattan Kayak is open depending on the conditions, however, it is generally available April to November. Check their site for current offerings.

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