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7 g.o.t. themed things to do in nyc

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Twas an epic day, twas the Game of Thrones day. We had prepared for months, were spiritually ready for weeks and had finally gotten our fur coats the day before. Winter is coming and we were ready and willing to make this last Saturday of fall standout. This day, we were going to do all of the Game of Thrones inspired things in New York City. It was going to be amazing at the very least, possibly the greatest day of our lives.

To begin our quest, we headed to ProLine Archery to test our battle skills. Of the four of us, only one could consistently hit the target The rest of us looked worse than Samuel Tarly his first day on the wall. Alas, we did not let that stop us from taking the Night’s Watch oath. We were as prepared for battle as a two-hour “Intro to Archery” lesson could get us.

Next stop was a dinner tournament of chivalry, revelry and rivalry; Medieval Times. To see our full experience, check out my article here. As we feasted with our hands on a meal inspired ten centuries ago, we cheered for our knight, watched him joust, sword fight and eventually come head to head with his downfall which could only be described as a less violent version of Gregor Clegane.


Dinner began with the royal flight of the falcon and ended with a spellbinding spectacle of a duel that got us up on our feet chanting for our champion. We left Medieval Times absolutely thrilled (and feeling much like Lannister royalty). It was a medieval experience that blurred the boundary between fairy tale and spectacle.

Next, we hopped on our regal steed (aka our Uber) and set out to the North, the Ice bar. After being adorned with wolf hats AND FUR COATS LIKE THE GODDAMN WILDLINGS we entered the 20 degree Fahrenheit chamber constructed completely out of ice. The walls were ice, the tables and chairs were ice, the bar was ice and, to our surprise, even the cups were ice. We channeled our inner wilding as we sipped on cocktails and fought over who could sit in the ice throne. Turns out my cousin won that battle and got to sit in the ice throne. 


After we were sufficiently “chilled”, our gallant group headed to Barcelona Bar to take on their Game of Thrones shot. The epic soundtrack blasted throughout the bar, as the bartender handed us swords for battle and said the most memorable GOT quotes, “Winter is coming”, “The night is dark and full of terrors", “You know nothing Jon Snow!” Just when we thought the show was over, we were “shamed” in front of the whole bar. We took the shots valiantly. It tasted like a freezing cold peppermint patty.

After moving throughout the city all day, we were ready to relax even though there were two other bars we could have headed to. The Eddy has a Game of Thrones themed cocktail called House of Tully. It has tullamore dew, pickling liquid, absinthe, manzanilla sherry, honey and sandita. 

Burp Castle is a monk themed bar where guests get banished if they utter more than a whisper. Both seem to be excellent choices for those that are strong at heart. Raucous pairings and murals line this bar. Just make sure you keep quiet, respect the monks and enjoy your food and drink!

To finish up our night, we headed to Tir Na Nog, an Irish bar with a castle like feel. As we sipped our final cocktails and nibbled on grub we sat cozily by the fireplace reflecting on our epic day of experiences.

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“It's not easy being drunk all the time. If it were easy, everyone would do it.” - Tyrion Lannister

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