Why walk when you can fly? One Sunday afternoon we decided to take flying trapeze lessons at The Espana STREB Trapeze Academy located at 51 North 1st Street in Brooklyn. It was so much fun and easy enough that we believe anyone could do it! STREB even claims that people ages 5 to 85 could try trapeze!

The flying trapeze class is two hours long and is offered most days (check the schedule online). Regardless of your skill level one thing is for certain at STREB, you will never be without an instructor. There was one at the bottom of the flying trapeze who would clip you into the harness and guide you in climbing the ladder, then one at the top of the trapeze who would help you get on the platform and reaching the bar. In addition, you had an instructor by the landing pit who would call out commands, and give you advice and tips. It was fun and safe!

When the class starts the first thing you will learn is how to do a knee hang on a single low hanging trapeze bar to prep you for the flying trapeze. This move is exactly what it sounds like, you're hanging from your knees on the bar. Next you move onto the flying trapeze. The whole time you are on the flying trapeze you are wearing a harness which provided an extra layer of security and confidence for us. Once you are on the platform, which is about 15 feet from the ground with an massive inflatable pillow about 8 feet below you, an instructor teaches you how to hold the flying trapeze bar and guides you on jumping. It seems scary at the top of the platform but once you jump all fear left and it became really addicting! If you are able swing on a swing set you will be fine doing this! The last step in the lesson is the most fun. If you are able to master the knee hang on the flying trapeze you will be able to try catching with an instructor. You can see me doing a catch in the video above. The trick for this is to do the knee hang exactly how you were doing it before but to not get distracted by the instructor that is on the other trapeze bar who will catch you. They are great at catching and will not miss you. You just need to trust them!

We did our research and truly believe that STREB is the best place to take flying trapeze lessons. The cost of a 2 hour lesson is about $30 cheaper than all competitors with a price of $39.50 for a class. Also, there is no application fee to take a class! Other trapeze companies in NYC charge you up to a $22 application fee for your first class on top of the class cost! In addition, the instructors at STREB are talented, charismatic, and encouraging. They teach each student individually and will adapt the lesson to your needs. For example, one of our classmates was doing layout catches while others were just working on swinging on the trapeze.

Flying trapeze classes are great for workouts, dates, or just to try something new. Go out and give it a shot! Experience more.