Trampoline parks are so much fun and such a great exercise. In fact, jumping on a trampoline can burn up to 1000 calories per hour! Literally, after 10 minutes we were so tired but it was so much fun jumping across a field of trampolines that we all pushed through it!

We went to Flight Trampoline in New Britain, Connecticut. However, there are others that are closer to the New York City area.

Here is a list of the closest trampoline parks in NYC.

  1. Bounce! Trampoline Sports - Valley Cottage, NY & Syosset, NY
  2. Rockin' Jump - Mount Kisco, NY
  3. Sky Zone - Brentwood, NY & Pine Brook, NJ
  4. Air Trampoline Sports - Ronkonkoma, NY
Flight Squad

Flight Squad

Trampoline parks generally are in a HUGE warehouse with trampolines covering the entire ground and the walls. Ours even had an area to do dodge-ball! Also, at Flight trampoline they turn off the lights, play music, and have strobe lights from 9p-11p. I thought this would make it really hard to flip and jump but it actually didn't impact it that much. It just made the night more fun!

Check out our video below to see all the fun things you can do!

Trampoline parks are great for kids, family outings, or just to have fun with friends. If you're going you can either be barefoot or buy socks that they provide for $4. Normally the ones they provide have special grips that make flipping and bouncing easier.

Flight is located at 140 Production Court in New Britain, Connecticut. It is $14 per hour and only $16 for 2 hours (so you might as well do 2!). It was so much fun, and I honestly can't wait to go back and do it again!