If you love eating delicious cuisine and learning about the local culture, then this is the tour for you. The Old San Juan Food Tour from Flavors of San Juan takes you on a 3 hour journey through all the "can't miss" local food spots.

Our walking tour started with an unbelievable waffle spot where we tried a local mix of sweet and savory. 

Check out that waffle! Still dreaming about it.

Next, we went to a popsicle shop with unique flavors. 

There were so many incredible flavors to choose from, it was hard to pick just one! 

Finally, I chose a Strawberry Mojito flavored popsicle. So yummy!

In between foodie spots we learned about the history and culture of Old San Juan. All that learning made me feel like I deserved Alcapurria (fried treat made from green plantain and usually a meat filling). 

We were even able to eat in what used to be a prison, obviously only locking up flavors at the moment (see what I did there). 

Below, you can see me attempting to make mofongo....and that's why I leave Luis to the cooking...

Throughout the tour we saw the beautiful city of Old San Juan and some really interesting sites.......

 ....Like this bird lady, clearly not afraid of catching Histoplasmosis.

Dessert- our last stop! I'm convinced we had the world's best flan (they made a much creamier/cheesier flan which was outrageous). See Luis jump for joy, which is usually not rare to witness.

That's a wrap! We came. We saw. We ate. 

To check out this tour next time you're in San Juan visit SanJuanFoodTours.com.

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