What's so great about a Dragon Fruit?

Pretty much everything.

  1. It's high in antioxidants. 
  2. It's high in vitamin C.
  3. It's high in fiber.
  4. It's a great source for calcium.
  5. It's low in sugar but still a sweet fruit.
  6. It's a nice change from the standard fruit you buy.
  7. It looks pretty in your kitchen (we had to say it)!

How to eat it!

Don't worry, we were confused too.

Fun Facts!

  1. It comes from a cactus.
  2. It is often called a pitaya.
  3. It has beautiful flowers.
  4. It comes in 3 colors; yellow, hot pink, and purple. 

Other ways to eat it!

  1. Mix the fruit into a smoothie. 
  2. Make it in a juice using a juicer. 
  3. Make it into a sorbet.
  4. Make Dragon Fruit grilled kebabs.